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A book about two villages, one nestled in the Dolomite Mountains of Italy and the other in the coal mines of western Pennsylvania. Anna Comis, born in the ancient Italian village of Casada, chronicles her town and family history. Half a world away, her cousin Isabel Comis Degenaars who grew up hearing stories of Casada, shares her own family’s challenging journey into the dark coal mines of Pennsylvania.
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Royanna: An Extraterrestrial Affair by Raphael Ferraro Mystery, adventure, and a touch of romance in this science fiction tale about an encounter between a human and an alien.
Con Amore  by Janice Therese Mancuso A modern day romance combining a bit of suspense, interwoven with the history of Italy, the foods of each region, maps of Italy, and recipes.
A dying man’s journal reveals family secrets hidden for seven decades – secrets with a dangerous burden now passed along to his grandson. Grandfather Angelo immigrated to America in the late 1890s to search for his father, and his story of a boy growing into manhood is remarkably different than what his grandson thought he knew.
Soldiers in the fourth-century Roman Empire, John and Paul were persecuted for their Christian beliefs. Historical documents and information gathered from the excavated remains of St. John and St. Paul at the Basilica of Saints John and Paul on the Caelian Hill in Rome are the foundation of this story.
“One might find on the streets of Rome An elder soul who leaves her home, Leans on her walker, makes her rounds, Among remains of ancient grounds.” A narrative poem tells the tale of Maria, an elderly gattara (cat lady) in Rome, and the only one who can grant the final wish of a high-ranking cardinal. Though Maria may seem to be a person of little consequence, and her cats strays, she possesses an amazing power available only for those who truly love another.
Two thousand years before Dante, Michelangelo and the Medici of the Renaissance, the extraordinary Etruscans civilized Central Italy. During this time, three generations of the ambitious Porenna-Laris clan live in two powerful rival cities that threaten to tear their noble family apart. One mysterious Flutist guides their journey to the afterlife, while the Great Prediction heralds doom for Etruria.
This practical and handy guidebook offers a “literary license” to enjoy driving throughout Italy. Road trips and driving experiences steer you through the twisting cliffside roads of the Amalfi Coast, taking the ferry from the mainland to Sicily, one-way streets, and where to park. “Pit Tips” provide useful travel advice and a glossary of Italian words highlights those for travelers.
Growing up in an Italian family brings memories of joyous holidays, celebrations, and family gatherings. Everyday events – planting a garden, cooking dinner, or spending time with grandparents – become special occasions when Italian traditions are shared. With colorful illustrations and family recipes.
Beppo, born in a small farming village of the Aspromonte in 1901, plans changes to improve the lives of his fellow villagers.  His efforts are thwarted by an ambitious and greedy adversary who falsely accuses him of attempted murder and has him convicted.  Escaping prison, he meets with Giuseppe Musolino, the famous Calabrian bandit and folk hero, and discovers the difference between vendetta revenge and justice.
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Author Interview with Isabel Comis Degenaars