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Editorial Services
The Italian American Press helps promote published books primarily written by authors of Italian heritage who write about Italian and Italian American culture, heritage, and/or history. If you are working on a book on any Italian related topic – fiction or non-fiction – and need help in taking it to the next level, contact me.
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Story Consultation and Evaluation Review the first two chapters or 30 pages for: Structure (Composition and format – can readers follow the story?) Style of writing (Does the language flow? Is it appropriate for your readers?) Continuity of dialogue (Is the tone and intent consistent with the story?) Character development (Do the characters grow with the story? Does the reader gain more knowledge of them as the story progresses?) Assistance in defining your book’s target market (Who is your reader?) Includes a 15-minute telephone conversation after written evaluation has been received. First two chapters or 30 pages $200.00 Average Evaluation Time  10 to 15 days from receipt of titled Word document. Complete Book Consultation and Evaluation Available.
Fact Checking Non-fiction is – generally – filled with facts; but is a book based on a true story also filled with facts? When writing fiction, authors may take artistic license, but to what degree? Do your characters see landmarks long gone? Is the historic building in the center of town and the center of your story still standing? Have the dates of important events been changed to fit into your story line? When and where was that lunar eclipse? If you are not sure you need the facts, contact me to learn how the details may be important. Do your readers want more accuracy or are they willing to overlook obvious misrepresentations? Does using an artistic license add to or distract from your story? Fact checking fees vary based on the content of your book and the facts you want checked, but generally is billed at an hourly rate. All facts are tripled checked. Research Research is imperative for non-fiction writing, and necessary for any written work about history; but even fictional writing may require some research. The location, the time frame, the weather. Anything that affects the characters may need further exploration. Like fact checking, research fees are based on the amount of research required, and billed at an hourly rate. At least three verified sources, usually academic, government, and library resources are viewed.
Ready to send your work? When purchase is confirmed, I will send an email asking you to submit by return email the first two chapters or 30 pages of your titled manuscript as an attached single Word document (.doc or .docx); formatted in Times New Roman, double spaced, font size 12, with one-inch margins and each page numbered at bottom center. How long will it take to receive your story evaluation? The average time to read your story, prepare notes, and revise your document will take 10 to 15 days from receipt of your document. What is the format of the consultation? You will receive a Word document with comments about passages in each chapter, your original document with those passages highlighted, and a revised document showing the suggested changes. Does the evaluation include a follow-up? Yes, you can send an email with up to four questions that will be answered within 5 days or schedule a 15-minute telephone conversation. Have a question? Call Janice  919.460.8836
Terms of Service Agreement between Janice Therese Mancuso “JTM” and Author “Client.” Within two business days of receipt of purchase confirmation for a Story Consultation and Evaluation from JTM, Client agrees to submit to JTM an email with the first two chapters or 30 pages of a titled manuscript as an attached single Word document (.doc or .docx); formatted in Times New Roman, double spaced, font size 12, with one-inch margins and each page numbered at bottom center. Client understands that any pages over 30 pages will not be included in the evaluation. JTM has more than 20 years of writing and editing experience, specializing in Italian and Italian American topics, and will provide an evolution based on her extensive knowledge. JTM makes no guarantee that Client will accept the evaluation as a final assessment of Client’s work. When service is purchased for a Story Consultation and Evaluation, Client is obligated to submit the first two chapters or 30 pages of a titled manuscript for the consultation and evaluation service within two business days. No refunds; however, Client may transfer payment to either the Fact Checking Service or Research Service within five days of purchase. Client must submit manuscript for either of these services within 30 days of date payment was received by JTM.