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For Authors
The Italian American Press helps promote published books primarily written by authors of Italian heritage who write about Italian American and Italian culture, heritage, and/or history. Publishing recommendations and editing services are not provided.
STEP TWO Any author wishing to list his or her book on the IAP website must send a printed copy of the book. After receiving your email inquiry, you will be notified where to mail a copy of your book. It may take up to two months after receipt of book for it to be approved and listed.
STEP ONE Send inquiry email (to address below) with “IAP BOOK” in the subject line. Message must include (in following order): Title of Book Date Published Publisher ISBN: 13, if available. Format of Book: Soft cover or hard cover. Book Dimensions: Size of book. Number of Pages Language of Book: English (preferred) or Italian. Book Category: Up to three; must be from list below. One Sentence Description 25- to 50-Word Summary: A summary is a very brief description of the subject of the book. Link to Direct Purchase: Page where book can be purchased (no affiliate links). Important: Remove underscores before sending message. Do not send any attachments
TO LIST YOUR PRINTED BOOK ON THE ITALIAN AMERICAN PRESS Books must be about Italian or Italian American culture, heritage, and/or history or written by an author of Italian heritage. Books must be of professional quality.
CATEGORIES Select up to three (most appropriate category will be  determined by the IAP) Fiction Historical Fiction Non-Fiction Arts  (Art, Film, Literature, Music, Photography, Theater) Biography/Memoir Children/Teen Cooking/Food Culture/Heritage History/Historical Humor Inspirational/Religion Language Military/War Mystery Romance Sports Travel
STEP THREE For printed books that have been received and approved, author will receive a Standard Listing (No Fee) In Author, Title, and one Category. One sentence description in Category listing. One link to direct purchase. All authors listed on the IAP will receive a copy of the e-newsletter, Tutto Italiano, each month.
AVAILABLE SOON Author Packages (Fee Based) Includes a separate Author Page and other features to help promote your book.