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Bad Times Good People by Walter Wolf [Military/War] Holocaust survivor Walter Wolf tells the neglected story of how the Italian people courageously expressed their basic humanity and goodness during World War II. Beyond Bagheria by E. P. Vallone [Fiction] Orphaned in Bagheria, Sicily, with few prospects for a bright future, Isabella Zanni accepts an offer of marriage that takes her first to New Jersey and then to New Orleans. A Brief History of the Leaning Tower of Pisa by Professor Piero Pierotti with English Translation by Gary Feuerstein [History] From the beginning of its construction in 1173 to corrective measures to save the Tower, pictures, graphics, and details expand on the meaning and architectural context of the Tower. Caddy Daze – A Teen’s Odyssey Across the 1970s by Jim Talantis Chido [Memoir] A funny, iconoclastic memoir recalling the summers members of “The Clique” toted golf bags at a country club in Westchester, New York.   A Canticle for Bread and Stones by Emilio DeGrazia [Culture/Heritage] An Italian American family struggles, dreams, and hopes to close the gap between the Old World and the New World. Con Amore: A Daughter-In-Law's Story of Growing Up Italian-American in Bushwick by Bea Tusiani [Memoir] From Bushwick, Brooklyn in the 1950s to her mother-in-law's kitchen in the Bronx, two women who loved the same man came to an understanding. Dante: Inferno by Frank Salvidio [Arts] A compelling translation of the pilgrimage of Dante Alighieri from the exile of sin to the Promised Land of salvation. Freedom of Heart by Thomas E. Antonaccio  [Military/War] In war-torn Italy in the 1940s, a young girl and her family learn about faith, hope, and courage. Germanicus Roam the Empire by Nicholas G. Stangarone [Historical Fiction] Encounter danger and intrigue along Rome's pagan highway, from the highlands of Britannia to the sands of Mesopotamia, on a journey with a Roman soldier. Growing Up Italian American by John M. Di Biase [Memoir] Nine stories set in the 1920s and 1940s in Buffalo, NY, bring to life southern Italian immigrants’ many labors, depicting the foods they ate, the wines they made, their joys, and their sorrows. I Remember the Risorgimento: From the Memoirs of Jessie W. Mario by Honor Mamath [History] An Englishwoman becomes a naturalized Italian citizen and writes about her work with Giuseppe Garibaldi and the Risorgimento, a 19th century movement for the liberation and the unification of Italy. I Used To Be Italian by John Lonero [Memoir] A love letter to a simpler time; a heartwarming look at growing up in the '30s in an Italian neighborhood in Cleveland, OH. I Wouldn’t Die: A Memoir by Franco Antonetti [Memoir] The inspiring story of an Italian-born naturalized American who faced death many times, but would not die. Just Call Me Moose: Growing Up Italian in America by Karl R. Bossi [Memoir] A vivid and often humorous portrait of a boy growing up in Boston during the fifties. The Last Best of All Times by Robert A. Semenza [Memoir] A poignant account of growing up in an Italian American neighborhood from the early forties to the mid-fifties. Lilly, the Littlest Cricket by Beth Ann Mammola-Koravos [Children/Teen]  In a small village in Calabria, Lilly looks for guidance from her family as she tries new experiences to find her special “gift.” Marcella Says… by Marcella Hazan [Cooking/Food] Marcella expertly guides the reader through the process of preparing simple dishes that have great depth of flavor. Memoirs of Lt. Camillo Viglino: Italian Air Force 1915-1916 by Camilla Viglino Hurwitz and Victor Viglino [Military/War]  A firsthand account, accompanied by photographs, of the experiences of a World War I flight trainee during the earliest days of military aviation. Non soltanto un baule by Concetta Perna [Culture/Heritage] (In Italian) Ten stories depicting the struggles that millions of Italians experienced in their search for a better life outside Italy. One Way Out by James Azzarelli [Memoir] An Italian-American baby boomer’s story of living through a time when America experienced tumultuous change. Outlines of Greatness by Joseph V. Colello [History] Amazing accounts of contributions made by Italians and Italian Americans throughout American history. Pizza, Pasta, and Poker by Vince Burgio [Memoir] How an Italian American upbringing influenced the ups and downs of a professional poker player's life. Promises to Keep: The Untold Story of a Family in War-Torn Italy by Thomas F. Dwyer, Ed.D. [Military/War] Chronicles World War II in Pico by examining how the brutal reality of war affected the population of the small village in central Italy. Revisionary Identities: Strategies of Empowerment in the Writing of Italian American Women by Mary Ann Mannino [Culture/Heritage] A study of the cultural effects of their immigrant ancestors on the literature and poetry of Italian American women. The Secret of the Christmas Biscotti by Rita DeBona [Culture/Heritage] A story linking three generations of an Italian family. Shelter Cove, the Early Years by Lenore Lafayette [Non-Fiction] The story begins in the eighteenth century with the explorers, native Indians, and Missions, and continues with the saga of a San Francisco Italian family that spent weekends and vacations at the Cove. Thompson Street by Ralph Cutro [Culture/Heritage] The true story of the hardships, struggles, and triumphs of one family and their fellow inhabitants in New York's Greenwich Village during the tumultuous times of the first half of the 20th Century. Vino & Biscotti: From Italy to Sonoma County and Back by Joe Pelanconi [Memoir] Through a series of vignettes, a lighthearted look at an Italian American upbringing, giving real life examples of how Italians can be witty, cynical, compassionate, charming and exasperating—sometimes all at the same time.   Walking on Air in a Field of Greens by Emilio DeGrazia [Memoir] A moving collection of pieces that explore the family connections that bind often-distant relatives across generations and continents.   The Wines of October: An Italian American Tale by Dominic Perenzin [Memoir] A reminiscence of growing up in an Italian neighborhood in New England during the 40s, life in the World War II home front, being a saxophone player, and then becoming a lawyer.
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