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Closet Italians: A Dazzling Collection of Illustrious Italians with Non-Italian Names by Nick James Mileti A fascinating compilation, with brief biographies, of 175 well-known Italians with non-Italian names. The Scattered Italians by Thomas Gambino Interlaces historical factors with behavioral characteristics leading to conclusions and answers affecting over 25 million Italian- Americans and potentially many other hyphenated citizens of the world. Ultimate Italian Trivia: A Treasure Trove of Fun and Fascinating Facts by Scott Paul Frush A collection of over 1600 amazing trivia tidbits as educational as they are fascinating.
Antonio and the Electric Scream - The Man Who Invented the Telephone by Sandra Meucci The life story of Antonio Meucci, inventor of the telettrofono (electric phone). A Bit of Myself by Filomena Abys-Smith On a journey of immigration in search of the American Dream, this memoir will take you from the author’s home town of Bagnoli, Naples Italy to the United States.   Always on Sunday: Memories of An Italian Childhood by Marcia A. Russoto A heartwarming glimpse back in time to the simple and uncomplicated life from the fifties and early sixties in the small-in-size yet large-in- love little town of Sharpsburg, Pa.   Brier Hill, USA by Tony Trolio as told to Michael N. Varveris Youngstown, Ohio’s “Little Italy” from 1915 to the mid 60s, and the nostalgic stories of the people who lived there.   Dances with Luigi: A Grandson's Search for His Italian Roots by Paul Paolicelli TV journalist Paul Paolicelli moves to Italy in an attempt to piece together the mysteries surrounding both his grandfathers.   Deeply Rooted In Faith & Family by Ginda Ayd Simpson Set in Tuscany and Umbria, a story that examines the value of family, the courage of the human spirit and the grace of growing older. Eat Now; Talk Later by James Vescovi A twist on the usual immigrant tale, this book tells the story of two Italians – born when oxen were used for plowing – facing the American world of refrigerators, telephones, and TV wrestling. Four Dollars and a Dream: The Life and Times of Cino Chegia by Jeff Gilliland and Cino Chegia The American Dream, Italian Style of an Italian fisherman who survives World War II and makes a successful life in America.   The Garlic in the Melting Pot by Lewis M. Elia From the streets of Brooklyn and the horse trails of Saratoga Springs, the life of an Italian-American, who became more aware of his ethnic group values of family and hard work.   Helsinki Revisited - A Key U.S. Negotiator’s Memoirs on the Development of the CSCE into the OSCE by John J. Maresca A Key U.S. negotiator’s memoirs on the development of the CSCE(Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe) into the OSCE (Organization on Security and Co-operation in Europe), to end the Cold War in Europe. Heretic: Confessions of an Ex-Catholic Rebel by Jerome Tuccille Author Jerome Tuccille abandons the religion of his youth and embarks on a global odyssey, sharing his story of an intensely personal struggle with the Roman Catholic Church I Wouldn’t Die: A Memoir by Franco Antonetti The inspiring story of an Italian-born naturalized American who faced death many times, but would not die. Innocent Heart, Laughter and Tears by Antonia Sparano Geiser Memories of family, friends and neighbors, and tales of life in Southern Italy and as an immigrant in America in the mid-1900s. Marriage, Kidneys, and Other Dark Organs by Venera Di Bella Barles A firstborn, first-generation American’s account of the tempestuous life journey she embarks on with her Italian immigrant parents. Rambling Round by Anthony Buccino A collection of 65 essays that appeared in the author’s Rambling Round columns in Worrall Community Newspapers, in New Jersey.   Subway Music by Reynold Joseph Paul Junker A journey back to a Brooklyn neighborhood during the 1940s and 50s.   Vina (A Brooklyn Memoir) by Joseph C Polacco A son's valentine to his Italian-American mother offers a glimpse into a loving family, a Brooklyn neighborhood, and life itself during the later half of the twentieth century.
A Beautiful Woman in Venice by Kathleen Ann Gonzalez A collection of biographies about remarkable Venetian women who overcame obstacles and used their talents to improve life in their communities. Casada, A History of an Italian Village and Its People by Anna Comis and Isabel Comis Degenaars Connected by a shared lineage and a cherished affection for their homeland, but separated by time and culture, two cousins write about their villages – one nestled in the Dolomite Mountains of Italy and the other in the coal mines of western Pennsylvania. Con Amore by Janice Therese Mancuso A modern day romance combining a bit of suspense, interwoven with the history of Italy, the foods of each region, maps of Italy, and 37 recipes, most developed especially for the book. Fallen Heroes Forgotten Victims by Ernesto Carbonelli A tribute to the memory of the people of Patrica, Sgurgola, Morolo and Supino, for the horrendous suffering inflicted upon them following the Italian Armistice. Famous Italians You Probably Never Heard Of by Peter V. Tafuri Written in chronological order, starting with the ancient Greek colonies in Italy and ending in the twentieth century, the author provides accounts of various “superstars in the Italian galaxy” – its people, places, and culture. Forgotten Ellis Island by Lorie Conway In the Early 1900s, at Ellis Island Hospital, America's largest public health hospital at the time, tens of thousands of immigrants were nursed to health and allowed to pursue their dream of becoming American citizens. The Italian Achievement by Arturo Barone An A-Z of over 1000 "firsts" achieved by Italians in almost every aspect of life over the last 1000 years. Italian-American Fusion by John C. Liburdi Filled with interesting facts about the strong and beneficial Italian influence on the character of America. Little Italy by Dr. Emelise Aleandri A pictorial history takes a look at the New York neighborhoods that housed and served newly arriving Italian immigrants during the 1800s. Out of Rushmore’s Shadow - The Luigi Del Bianco Story by Lou Del Bianco Three stories – the carving of Mount Rushmore, the life of Luigi Del Bianco, and Lou’s quest to have his grandfather recognized as the chief carver of Mount Rushmore - woven into this historical book. Streets of the Near West Side by William S. Bike Tales of the individuals and events for which the thoroughfares of one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Chicago are named. The Fabulous Fior: Over 100 Years in An Italian Kitchen by Francine Brevetti  A history of Fior d’Italia Restaurant (with recipes) and San Francisco’s Little Italy in North Beach, told through family and staff recollections. The Winds of Time by Rich DiSilvio Analyzes key people, cultures, and eras to offer bold new perspectives on the most crucial figures and primary cultures that shaped Western civilization.
A Camp Without Walls by Dr. Maria Lombardo This coffee table book describes the journey of Salvatore Lombardo, an Italian survivor of a Nazi labor camp from World War II. The Cielo: A Novel of Wartime Tuscany by Paul Salsini As World War II rages around them, the villagers in a farmhouse overcome petty differences, face betrayal by one of them, fearlessly take in an escaped POW, and survive a raid by the SS. Sparrow's Revenge: A Novel of Postwar Tuscany by Paul Salsini A riveting story of the relentless search by a member of the Italian Resistance for the collaborator of the massacre at Sant'Anna di Stazzema.
Baseball Italian Style by Lawrence Baldassaro A collection of personal accounts told by Italian American major league baseball players, coaches, umpires and others from 1930 to today Gridiron Gladiators: Italian-Americans in College, Semipro & Pro Football by Fausto Batella From 1920 to 1949, hundreds of Italian-Americans athletes played college, semipro and pro football; a tribute to two generations of Italian Americans who left their mark as football players. Heart of the Hide by Lou Petrucci Nicky loves baseball and dreams of reaching the big leagues; join him and his team, the Kelsey Avenue Crew, for a series of wild events that teach him about the power of truth.
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